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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Skin Care

Michelle at Chocolate and Marmalade Tea asked "what is your skincare routine?"

For many years I looked younger than what my actual age is.. so I'm told.  When I was in my mid-thirties I had a teen co-worker ask me why I looked younger than my age.

I told her one reason is probably just genes :-)  Here are some things that I do to take care of my skin.  I wash my face and neck twice a day.  I use the soap that Frank makes.  There are so many soaps I can't use because they contain perfumes I'm allergic to and Frank's soap doesn't have perfume.  It has coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter... and a few things I don't know what are.  When we don't have Frank's soap around I use Dove beauty bar, unscented.  After I wash my face I massage a bit of Cetaphil lotion onto my face and neck.  I like to massage my jaw muscles and my neck muscles to relax them. 

I use the soap Frank makes when I shower too.  I towel dry and apply either Cetaphil lotion or moisturizing cream.  My hands get Cetaphil lotion or hand cream treatment as needed throughout the day.  I use the cream mostly in the winter.  

I hardly ever wear makeup.  When I do put on a foundation I do it thinly.   Concealer is my friend for the dark circles.  

One bit of makeup I like to wear is lipstick or lip balm.

Femininity: Lipstick

I don't smoke and I don't sun worship or use tanning beds.  Fifteen minutes to an hour of sun a day is good for the skin and it is probably okay to be out in the sun that long without UV protection.

I don't have perfect skin; I still get little bumps on my skin.  There is always going to be an allergen around.  

Okay, that is my skin care.   What is yours?


Didi said...

I have about 3 moisturizers, 2 foundations, powders, one concealer that makes me look like a ghost .. the bottom line is ~ I forget to use them. I wash my face once a day,(in the shower),unless I have make up which is rare. I do use lipstick.
My skin is decent behaves. But lately the eye bags are awful. So after reading this I will make it a plan to get my dry face a good pampering. So many things in the body to take care ... :-)

Lisa said...

Great advice Zaroga. I'm going to pick up some cetaphil when I go to the pharmacy later today.

I'm like Didi, I have a lot of products that sit in my drawer and look pretty.

I've been lucky to be blesses with good genes too, I've always looked younger then I am.

I usually only was my face once a day, when I shower. And if I'm going to be outside I put on a moisturizer with SPF. Usually avons, anew.

I dont smoke or tan either and I drink a lot of water daily. I VERY rarely wear makeup and I usually put some sort of balm on my lips.

Lately though I am getting those ugly bags and jowl sags..... and I dont know if its because I've gained so much weight lately, I have extra skin on my face. Or because my age is catching up with me.

I will definitely try the lotion you suggested though, thank you :)

Lisa said...

I really need to learn to check for typos BEFORE I submit! I get typing so fast I forget to check!
Sorry for the mistakes... I really do know how to talk.... most of the time ;-)
checking for typos now..... :))))

fitworks said...

my mom lived to be 99 and had great skin and did not look her age no wrinkles. I know it was genetics, she was her face with dove and used noxzema. I wish my skin was as nice, I don't wear makeup either and am still experimenting with soaps and moisturizers trying to find one that works for me. How do I get some of Frank's natural soap its sound wonderful. Living in California where its sunny most of the time and rarely any moisture in the air it can take a toll on your skin. I am outside a lot since I run and bicycle but I do wear sunscreen and hats and sunglasses since my eyes are sensitive to the pollutants in the air