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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Breathing Exercises

We wake up and we are breathing... aaah a good thing :-D I have asthma and sometimes my breathing isn't so great. An attack happens when I do strenuous exercise. To prevent this I use my rescue inhaler about 15 minutes before exercising. I used my inhaler a lot on our walks on the trip we took out west last year. It made up hill walking a lot easier.

I try to do breathing exercises to help my breathing on a daily basis. This video is for menopause, but is the same exercise I do. It helps for panic / stress attacks too. Breathing correctly is important in physical exercise.... remember to breathe from the diaphragm and not the chest.

How to Do Breathing Exercises for Menopause


Lisa said...

Very helpful advice! I've noticed that deep cleansing breathes can help with a lot especially for stress, pain and even nausea

Michelle said...

LOVE your new blog, Zaroga! Speaking about breathing...for the longest time I didn't know you had to breathe from your diaphram...I just breathed from my chest. Now that I know how to breathe..I love meditating! It has really relaxed me. :)